Raising the Bar

As previously mentioned, my basketball betting has massively come on leaps and bounds this season. Since the season started in October. When you think about it, this is pretty silly really. I’m just sat on my computer at home, betting on groups of tall lads throwing a ball through a hoop.

So after the betting’s kicked it up a notch, how do I feel?

Well not that much really, just a quiet satisfaction.

I’ve not got any plans to tell my boss to stick it, I’m just going to keep on carrying on. I’m not going to get carrying away, I’ve got my emotions in check. If you were watching me watch a game I had action on, you wouldn’t be able to tell which side I had. When you’ve had thousands of bets over the years and suffered the worst beats, or had the greatest wins, one bet’s not going to have that much of an impact. One bet’s not going to make or break the bank.

I’ve been betting on and off for about 15 years now. So it hasn’t always been like this, it hasn’t ever been like this. I wish it had! Or I wish I had got to this stage earlier. I may just be running hot right now. Or any edge I have (or think I have) may be gone in the near future. It’s hard enough anyway when you get banned or have to pay a premium charge. If the only goal was to make money then I would have been better off diverting my attention elsewhere. This is just a hobby that has the benefit of bringing in some cash.


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