In-Work Betting Continued

Following on from a previous post I introduced in-work betting (maybe I should trademark that?…) read it here if you haven’t yet, it’s a half decent post.

Prior to the work Away Day the markets and lines are as follows:

Exact Time the away day would start

It was supposed to start at 9:30 so I set the line at 9:35, these things never start on time. You usually have everyone there queuing up to get enough caffeine in the way of coffee to keep themselves awake.

Line was 9:35 and Jon, the guy betting, took the over…I think I would have done the same if him.

Result: Amazingly the gods smiled, the planets all aligned and the meeting started on time! 1-0

Number of people to be present in the room at the start

The total number of people invited was 15, I checked the holiday records and no one had chosen the day-off route to get out of this. I set the line at 13 as there’s usually a couple of people who turn up late. Jon took the over.

Result: 14 people were present at the start. I had been hoping for some heavy traffic, but to no avail. 1-1

Number of F words to be spoken (out loud not including us two)

Pauline, some girl at work was dropping the F-bomb all over the place other week, but seeing we’re in a more formal setting I set the line at 0.5. He took the under. Pity, I was hoping he would take the over. I began thinking of ways to slyly provoke Pauline into a foul mouthed tirade…

Result: Unsurprisingly considering the setting, the F bomb wasn’t deployed by anyone.  1-2

Number of people to leave the room to take a phone call (must have mobile in hand, not including us two)

I set the line at 1.5. There’s definitely going to be at least one person who’ll need to take an urgent phone call to prevent the end of the world. He took the over.

The usual suspect’s phone went off early in the morning. And the ponce theatrically left the room with a ”oh look at me, I’m so important I need to take this urgent phone and single handily avert a disaster”. While this was happening Jon was looking at me all smug, thinking he was sure to win this bet with the rest of the day to follow.

Result: Fortunately for Flash Bet Ltd there were no more impending disasters. 2-2

Exact Time the away day would finish

The whole farce, er I mean Away day was supposed to finish at 4:00pm. As if that was possible… I set the line at 4:45 hoping to lure him into taking an over inflated line. He did, the square!

Result: When you’ve spent all day scraping the barrel, and everyone knows it, you actually finish on time. Which is a great result all round. 3-2

The final result is a whopping profit of £5.90. This Bookmaking lark is easy! Think I’ll branch out and get a couple of FOBTs in the canteen!

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