England Out

As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, I used to watch football (soccer if you’re American). It used to be the only sport I would watch. Over the years my love for the “beautiful game” has waned so much now that I’ll only watch it when there’s a big game or a big tournament. And last night I watched England lose to Iceland.


Yep, the nation that has “the best league in the world” (© Sky Sports) lost to a nation of 330,000 people. A bigger difference would be to compare the expected transfers the 2 squads would command. In my naivety/ignorance on footballing matter I thought that 1.5X looked big on England to win. I didn’t bet as I’m not going to bother with something that I’ll have zero edge on.

It wasn’t an enjoyable game of football. Which was pretty much typical of England over the years, check out their performance over the years I’ve been watching them:


Another major tournament ending in disappointment isn’t surprising. Since 1990 they’ve only won 2 knockout games in 90 mins! There’s been a couple of times where England played well and were unlucky to lose (1996, 1998), but mainly it’s been a case of being terrible and deserving to go out.

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