NFL Power Rankings


Click on the link above to enlarge the 2016 Flash Power Rankings.

(as at all games played through 19th November 2016)


How are these calculated?

There’s a point difference between the teams which I haven’t shown. So the gap between 1st and 2nd may be much greater than the gap between 2nd and 3rd for example. I’m not going to go into detail on exactly how I’ve calculated these. This work is proprietary but I will say my rankings, win probabilities and spread cover % are based on the games played so far this season; who has played who, where, the scoreline, rest, distance travelled etc. When I say “my numbers”, this is the work I’m referring to.

Do these take into account which players were/were not playing?

No. It is purely a team model which does not take into account whether the starting QB of a team is injured.

How often are they updated?

Every week of the NFL season, including during the playoffs.

Wait! How the hell have you got Team X ranked above Team Y?!

Oh I’m sorry. Please email our admin: winnerswinonsports at and they shall make the appropriate corrections.

Seriously though, these are objective rankings based purely off the numbers. Especially in the early stages of the season you may get some unusual rankings which I may subjectively disagree with and bet accordingly. But as the season goes on, and more games are taking into account, I expect the rankings to be a good representation of the strength of the teams.

Is yards just Offensive yards?

Yes. that is correct.

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