Who are you?

Hi I’m Flash. I run this site, and you can find me on Twitter @aflashbet

Flash is a funny name isn’t it?

It’s not my real name, obviously. It’s a nickname. The origin of which isn’t that interesting, nor does it have anything to do with the profile pic on my bio or Twitter:

That’s Lord Flashheart the character played by Rik Mayall in the timeless Blackadder classic:

and later here:

Very nice, so what’s this site about then?

I’m going to write posts about a range of different sports, usually with regards to betting. I will probably say what I am betting on, and why, but don’t go expecting an unrelenting stream of tips.

What NOT to expect:
This is not going to be a p/l blog, I’m probably never going to post a screen shot of what I’ve won or lost (not that anyone posts a screen shot of a loss anyway!).
This is not going to be a blog about my betting/trading “journey”.

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