2015 NFL Supercontest

If, like me, you’ve already updated your trusty NFL database with the 2014 data and you’re looking ahead to the next season. Well there’s only about 7 weeks till the Pittsburgh Steelers travel to play the New England Patriots to kick off the 2015 NFL season. During which I’ll be taking part in my first NFL Supercontest!

The premise is simple: for each of the 17 weeks of the NFL regular season, you have to pick 5 games against the spread. So that’s 85 picks in total where you score 1 point for a correct pick, ½ point for a push and nothing for a loss.

These Supercontests are gaining in popularity. The most famous one being the at Las Vegas Hilton. Check out these numbers from their last 4 contests:

LVH Supercontest

Now I’m not taking part in the LVH. I’m not travelling to Las Vegas to register and don’t want to pay $1,500 for a contest that I consider a bit of fun, because the reality is that I’m unlikely to win. Call me a pessimist, I call myself a realist. Plus I’ll be putting on plenty of my own bets during the season anyway.

The one I’m taking part in is organised by a chap named Fitz and it only costs $115. A much more reasonable amount by comparison. If you fancy joining in too; the rules are here:

2015 Fitz NFL Supercontest Rules

and any questions contact the man:

Fitz.Supercontest at gmail.com

Each week I’ll probably write a post detailing what the lines are, and what 5 picks I’ve gone for.

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