Previewing Game of Thrones Season 6

I haven’t watched any of the leaked episodes from this series, nor have I read any books😉 so there’s no spoilers for GoT here, just speculation.

As I’m a degenerate who can’t function in any capacity without a bet on, yesterday me and Mrs Flash sorted out our annual Game of Thrones Death Pool.

You what? I think you have a problem

Gambling is fun, so is Game of Thrones, so combining the 2 is a winning combination! Prior to each season, me and the missus select a number of main/reoccurring characters who we think will die during the coming season. To any snowflakes reading who think this is in poor taste: I don’t care. We’re talking about fictional characters in a TV show notorious for killing them off.

What does the winner get?

Whoever predicts the most deaths wins a pat on the back and a well-done…oh, and gets taken out for a slap-up meal. She fluked a victory last season, and as I had to pay for dinner, she even turned down my offer to order for her too! She was the only one of us to get one right: Mance Rayder… so we sucked at predicting this last year, this year we’re increasing the selection to 4 names from 3.

As she’s the reigning champion she got first pick…and with the 1st pick in the Game of Thrones Season 6 Flash household Death Pool™ Mrs F selects Ser Jorah Mormont.

Bugger, good pick that. Jorah’s got greyscale, is well old and he’s likely to encounter a Dothraki horde. Talk about a tough road trip in the Essos Conference. Oh and he’s set off with a bloke that may try to kill him in Daario. Daario looks like a vegan, or the sort of beardy weirdy that reads the Guardian, but underneath that he’s what Danny Dyer would call a “propa nawty boy”.

Danny Dyer: professional idiot

With my 1st pick I went with the High Sparrow: he’s old, recently aggrieved Cersei (people who do that don’t tend to live very long), and he doesn’t look like he’ll be handy in a ruck.

2nd pick for the missus and she went for Ellaria Sand. She’s done her homework here. Ellaria Sand killed Mercella Lannister and defied the Prince of Dorne in doing so. So there’s plenty of people who want her dead… Fast forward to my 4th pick I went with the Prince of Dorne; Doran Martell. I’m hoping that Ellaria has some semblance of foresight and will try to kill Doran, before he has the chance to have her head chopped off.

With my 2nd pick I’ve gone for Ramsay Bolton. I don’t think there’s anything left for this character. There’s nothing he can do to make the audience think he’s even more evil, his ‘evilness’ is maxed out. And the Boltons will be defeated to further the story line as regards to Little Finger controlling the North and accruing more power.

3rd pick for the missus and she’s gone with Missandei… I don’t know what she was thinking here.

With my 3rd pick I’ve gone for Roose Bolton. I’m putting all my chips on the Boltons getting wacked within the next 10 episodes.

4th pick for the missus and she’s gone with Robin Arryn. Long term Little Finger will want to have him killed so he can control the Vale.

One other name strongly considered was Reek, he may have more story than Ramsay left to tell with being reunited with his family and becoming ‘Theon’ again, but he may just end up sacrificing himself this season for Sansa.

In summary:


  1. High Sparrow
  2. Ramsay Bolton
  3. Roose Bolton
  4. Doran Martell

Mrs Flash:

  1. Ser Jorah Mormont
  2. Ellaria Sand
  3. Missandei
  4. Robin Arryn

I’ve got a good squad on paper, but it could go either way. I’m just going to take it one episode at a time. I’ll be seething if she wins again though!

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