Quick Update

It’s been about 4 weeks since my last post. I haven’t really had much to say, but as the NBA playoffs start on Saturday I’ll be posting more regularly. So here’s a quick catch up:

So far it’ been a really good season betting on the NBA, my bank’s grown massively after making around 45 points this regular season. The winning bets posted pre-season haven’t cashed yet. I’ve gone 5-1 on over/unders:

  • Boston Celtics Over 42.5 games – Won
  • Minnesota Timberwolves Over 25.5 games – Won
  • LA Lakers Under 29.5 games – Won
  • Portland Trailblazers Over 26.5 games – Won
  • Miami Heat Under 46.5 games – Lost (Bastards)
  • Oklahoma City Thunder Under 57.5 games – Won

Karl Anthony Towns is a dead cert for ROY also. But I think I’m gonna to be left disappointed with my Coach of the year bets. I’ve got Stevens at 10/1 and Stotts at 100/1, but Kerr is probably going to win with the black swan event of winning a record 73 games (despite not coaching for more than half the season!). Even more annoying is that I backed Kerr last year at 20/1 and he finished 2nd.

So Golden State Warriors will win a record 73 wins tonight, Curry will be MVP, Draymond will be at least be 2nd for Defensive player of the year and Kerr will win COY. I actually think the playoffs will be a little bit boring from the point of view that it’s GSW’s to lose. I would consider it a shock if they didn’t win it. The best odds available currently have them at 1.73 to win it. On the exchanges the best is Matchbook who have them at 1.943, which I’ve backed.

You could back that, or look to back them each series, but I definitely think 1.943 is value. The only thing I’m worried about is a Curry or DGreen injury.

First round preview up shortly.

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