Guest Post: Bill Belichick

I am pleased to announce that Bill Belichick, the head coach of the reigning Super Bowl champions; the New England Patriots, has agreed to pen a guest post here at Winners Win:

BillBelichickWhen the website Winners Win on Sports asked me to write a guest article, I jumped at the chance. Obviously I’m well known for finding a way to win in any circumstance. I would go to the greatest lengths to find the smaller advantage in order to improve my team’s chances of winning. Show me someone who’s not prepared to hide in a basket full of dirty jockstraps overnight in order to spy on the opposition’s team meeting, and I’ll show you someone who’s not doing enough to win!

Plenty of people may disagree with our methods, and label us “cheats”. But we are certainly not cheats, we simply sometimes act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage.

I’ve alluded to the fact that at the Patriots, we value having the best information possible on all aspects of the game. I know the opposition’s playbook better than they do. Hell, I even know what their backup QB had for lunch last Thursday. I know which referees are more likely to give a PI call. I even know exactly how far each referee will throw his flag when making that call. We’ve even done extensive research on what the optimum temperature our locker room should be on game days…But I had absolutely no idea that Tom Brady was deflating footballs. It was a total shock. Honest.

One thing that’s very important to me is man management. I know which players will need a kick in the ass and which players just need a quiet word. We all know to give Brady plenty of space each month when he’s on his period. We also tailor how we communicate with our players. Most players will understand highly detailed play instructions. Some players, like Rob Gronkowski, have the mental capacity of a 2 year old and only understand much similar play instructions such as:

“Gronk run left. Gronk stop. Gronk catch football”

And even then we have to bride him with ice cream after the match. The big dummy usually eats it so fast he gets brain freeze and ends up spiking the bowl in the middle of Dairy Queen.

Recently in a game with the Indianapolis Colts, they unsuccessfully tried a unique trick play against us. It wasn’t unique to us as we’ve seen them try that many times in practice. Believe me, that one you saw was the best one yet. You should see the tapes we have on the Colts’ Special teams, or as we call them: their Special-needs teams.

In order to win, you should never be afraid to make some “bold” decisions. Even though I’ve won 4 rings and have the most playoff wins as a coach, people still remember that 4th down decision against Manning & the Colts in 2009. If I win another Super Bowl can we just forgot that one regular season game from 6 years ago?! If I was able to display emotions you would tell how angry it makes me.

Bill Belichick

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