2016 NFL Week 8 Picks


NFL Power Rankings updated.

Supercontest picks:

Philadelphia Eagles +4.5 at Dallas Cowboys

I have Philly ranked first again after beating the Vikings last week. Dallas are 6th, but 4.5 points is too much for me. A classic case of the home team coming off a bye week.

Buffalo Bills +6.5 home to New England Patriots

I’m still on the Bills bandwagon despite the disappointing loss at Miami last week. Plus going against the Pats is a contrarian move that I need for the very slim chance I have of finishing in the money.

Arizona Cardinals +3 at Carolina Panthers

Another home team off a bye week. So if these teams played on a neutral field it would be a pick ’em? Nonsense.

I chose the Eagles, Cards & bills last week too btw.

San Diego Chargers +5.5 at Denver Broncos

This is currently +4 at Pinny. The Chargers are/were underrated here.

Chicago Bears +6 home to Minnesota Vikings

This is the pick I’m least pleased with. On my pure numbers I like Minny, but subjectively less so. The Bears are currently +4 and I think plenty of people will side with the Vikings so I’m going with another contrarian, balls-to-the-wall style move.

Real money bets haven’t been spectacular so far, looking back at the blog they’ve lost 0.15 units. Could be worse, but hopefully will get better. For this week they are:

ML Bets where the value has gone:

  • Buffalo
  • Washington
  • Cleveland (I’ll be backing the Browns until they win a game at this rate!)
  • Oakland

ML Bets where there’s still some value now:

  • Arizona
  • Philly
  • Detroit

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