State of the Blog


Looking back at recent posts, I’ve only been writing one post a week, and that has been about NFL. When I started this blog this wasn’t the plan. I don’t even enjoy watching the NFL anymore! I only bet on it because I make money on it, or at least I used to. My NFL picks haven’t been very good this season, I’m currently  3.72 points down.

Anyway. So if we’re being honest: this blog hasn’t been a riveting read recently. It hasn’t been fun to write either. My problem has been setting aside time to write something and recently I’ve just been writing about NFL picks as I’ve forced myself to write something before Sunday afternoon.

So my choices are currently:

Either improve the quantity of posts and the overall quality or pack it in…

…to the dozens of Winners Win readers around the world: fear not! I’m going to up my game blog wise.

I don’t want to spend a massive amount of time on this blog. It’s not like it’s bringing any money in. So I’m just going to have to be more efficient in writing.


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