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What are the best racing games for Android with high graphics?


Alright, fellow speed enthusiasts, hold onto your joysticks because we're about to zoom into the world of high-octane, eye-poppingly gorgeous racing games for Android. First up, 'Real Racing 3' is a real treat for your peepers, boasting some of the slickest graphics this side of the Grand Prix. Now, if you have a need for speed and a hankering for hyper-realistic graphics, then 'Asphalt 9: Legends' might just be your new best bud. 'GRID Autosport' is also a must-try, with a level of detail that'll have you double-checking you're not in a real race car. And lastly, 'CSR Racing 2' will dazzle you with its stunning graphics while you drag race your way to glory. So folks, rev those engines and get ready for some serious Android gaming action!