Football Fan Logic

Years ago I used to love football. I was a season ticket holder for a number of years and used to watch every game on TV…unless Stoke City were playing.

Nowadays I never watch it, but I still keep abreast of what’s going on. So I thought I’d write a short post about the stupidity witnessed yesterday…

Yesterday Liverpool played at Arsenal in the Premier League. It was sold out, but some fans weren’t happy that they had to pay £64 for a ticket (not to mention the cost of transport and any other addition costs such as food/drink etc). Supporters from most clubs in the EPL aren’t happy about the rising costs of ticket prices, especially since the announcement of the Premier League’s £5billion TV rights deal.

There were protests before the game where some supporters entered the stadium 10 minutes after the kickoff, and there were the following banners displayed:

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£5bn and what do we get? £64 a ticket


Basically these fans are saying:

  • We really like watching football
  • We’ve already bought this expensive ticket
  • We demand that you make tickets in the future cheaper

 Ok then.

Perhaps a group of people should organise a demonstration outside Apple HQ with a similar argument: we like our latest iphone, but we demand that you make future iphones that we’re going to buy cheaper…

This is similar to the constant gripe by parents that simply have to buy the latest expensive football kit for little Tommy every season.

I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to cast dispersions over the IQ of your average football fan. If you’re not happy with paying £64 for a ticket, then don’t. Those were the cost (of some) of the tickets for a televised game, and it was still a sell out. You don’t have a divine right to watch your team play at a price you’re completely satisfied paying. Paying for your ticket then whinging about it, or engaging in a half-hearted, self serving protest by missing the first 10 minutes isn’t going to achieve anything.

– decent rant that, sorry there wasn’t anything to do with betting though

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