Cold Turkey

…and that is that.

I reckon I’ve watched my last game of basketball for about 10 weeks. The NBA finished a week ago and the European leagues that I’m interested in have all finished too. I won’t be watching any WNBA or Women’s Eurobasket (Sexist! Misogynist!).

It’s been a good year for me, betting wise, despite the horrendous losing streak I wrote about previously. I’ll miss basketball but at the same time it’s quite nice to have a break from it, and use that time that would have been spent watching it to do other things.

The next 10 weeks are IMO the worst 10 weeks in the sporting calendar. No basketball and no NFL until we have Eurobasket 2015 starting on 5th September, and the NFL season starting on the 10th September. When the NFL season starts I’ll probably have a regular post a week devoted to that. Now there’s something for everyone to look forward to!

It’s not like I won’t be writing anything until then either. I’ve got plenty of posts in the pipeline over this summer. As Wimbledon’s around the corner, I’ve got something to say about that…

Trivia Question of the Week

I introduced a weekly Trivia question to the blog last week. This has caused the blog’s traffic stats to go through the roof! I asked:

Who are the two golfers to have contested and lost playoffs/extra holes in all four of the major championships?

I’m sure most people would have named Greg Norman and one of them, the other was some bloke called Craig Wood…congrats if you got that one without the aid of the Google machine. Interesting that Greg Norman was ranked no.1 in the world for 331 weeks (2nd only to Tiger Woods with 683 weeks) but only won 2 majors…not a very good majors/weeks ratio!

Anyways, this week’s question, and it’s pretty good:

In football/soccer/kickball who was the last team to win the English FA cup wearing striped shirts?

Just to be clear, this is the shirt they were wearing in the final, which may not necessarily be their usual home strip.

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