Introducing the Flash Power Rankings

Yesterday I added a New Page – NFL Power Rankings hereby called the Flash Power Rankings™. Oh yes, who doesn’t like Power Rankings?! I was going to call it the Flash Football Standings but that abbreviation would be FFS…

(for small phone readers click on the icon in the top right with the 3 horizontal lines to view it)

As we’re approaching round 6 of the football season it’s becoming more clear who should be thinking about the playoffs, and who should be thinking about the draft. Let’s have a little look at who’s who:

Best Team

New England Patriots

  • Deflate footballs – check
  • Win Superbowl – check
  • Overturn Tom Brady’s suspension – check
  • Win first 4 games – check
  • Look ahead at the schedule and it is easy – check
  • Listen to 16-0 talk – check
  • Things are looking pretty good for the Patriots right now…

Worst Team

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

By my numbers they edge out the Jags for the worst team in football right now despite beating them last weekend.

Worst Team with a 100% Record

Carolina Panthers

As bad as Denver Manning has been in 5 games this season, the obvious choice is Carolina here. Their 4 wins have come against Jacksonville, Houston, New Orleans and Tampa Bay. Any average team could turn up with hangovers and severe diarrhoea all round and still be 4-0 after playing those lot.

Best Team with a Losing Record

Seattle Seahawks

Another obvious one. Even though I have the Philadelphia Eagles currently ranked higher than them. The Seahawks will be penalised for “only” beating a team as bad as the Lions by 3 points at home. If the Eagles and Seahawks were to play tomorrow on a neutral field, the Seahawks would justifiably be the favourites. Even saying this I’m pretty down on the Seahawks and think there will be value opposing them in weeks to come…there’s value in backing the Cards to win the NFC West at 1.91 (-110 US) if you’re interested…

Worst Team with a Winning Record

Indianapolis Colts

How does this team have a winning record?! It’s helps with wins against Houston & Jacksonville. Its helps being in the AFC South actually. They should still win this bad division with a bit of Luck. (I’ll get my coat…)

Most Overrated

I was tempted to say the Seattle Seahawks but plenty of other power rankings have the Carolina Panthers 7th or 8th. Seriously. These two play this Sunday and I’ve no play on this game. The line’s pretty fair. If I had to pick a side it would be Carolina +7.

Most Underrated

Think I’ll split this one out between the two teams in New York who are better than what the general public perceives them to be. I was quick to get on the Jets at -4.5 early in the week, and I’m now on the Giants at +4.5 despite their injury concerns.

Honourable mention to the Cardinals, who were a joke price last week at the Lions. Similarly this week they’re -3 at the Steelers. I’m on that too, I like the Steelers with Roethlisberger but not with Mike Vick. Mike Vick’s easily amongst the worst QBs in the league right now, while the Cardinals have looked very good so far.

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