NFL Power Rankings


We’ve had week 5 of the NFL season, so it time to release the first batch of my Flash Power Rankings™.

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Everybody loves Power Rankings, and most people love complaining about Power Rankings even more. It just sets your urine to boil when some bloke on the internet doesn’t rank your team higher enough, doesn’t it?!

Let’s have a little look at what’s going on:

Best Team

Philadelphia Eagles

Yeah I said it. These rankings aren’t predictive, based on the games so far the Eagles are the best team. They have the best scoring ratio by far, stuffed the Steelers and unluckily lost a close game to the Lions.

Yet just look at the price they opened up at v the Redskins, a team ranked 17th. Hmmm

Worst Team

Cleveland Browns

Clearly the worst team, I don’t think anyone can argue with that.

Best Team with a Losing Record

Arizona Cardinals

They’ve had some strange results so far, mainly due to the difference in turnovers. But they’re still a good team.

He’s not going on about turnovers again is he?!

  1. Lost a close game with the Patriots
  2. Thrashed Tampa Bay. TOs 0-5 (Tampa turned the ball over 5 times)
  3. Lost to the Bills. TOs 5-1.
  4. Lost to the Rams. TOs 5-1 again.
  5. Beat the 49ers TOs 0-3.

Worst Team with a Winning Record

Los Angeles Rams

I spoke about them last week, when my biggest bet was on the Bills to beat them. The Rams are hopeless offensively, with the worst average offensive yards per game, and the worst average points scored per game. The Lions opened up -3 at home to them this week and that’s a good bet.

Most Overrated

Seattle Seahawks

They’re 3-1 but look at the teams they’re faced so far:

  • 26 San Francisco 49ers
  • 27 Los Angeles Rams
  • 29 New York Jets
  • 31 Miami Dolphins

That’s 4 of the bottom 7 ranked teams. But its early days and if they beat the 5th ranked Atlanta Falcons this weekend then they’ll shoot right up the rankings. Looking at the current odds the Falcons are the clear value pick IMO.

Most Underrated

Buffalo Bills

Most other Power Rankings seem to have them in the 20s, I’ve got them 8th based on the games so far.

Although their TO record is +9 which is second only to the Vikings (+11). Neither of which is sustainable.

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