The Winnies 2015

Here’s the end of year awards for this place, Winners Win: The Winnies! I started this blog back in March, so it’s not quite a year old yet. With the final post of the year, here’s a rundown of the best moments from 2015:

Best Bet

Steph Curry MVP

Backing Curry at 33/1 to win the MVP for the 2014/15 season was definitely the best bet of the blog’s short life so far.

Worst Bet

Lebron most PPG

Obviously I’ve had plenty of bets this year where I’ve backed a team to win, it’s a +EV bet, but they’ve ended up getting destroyed. It happens. But backing Lebron to be the Points per game leader last regular season is one bet that I should never have placed in the first place as it wasn’t +EV.

My Jeb Bush GOP nomination bet is looking like a goner right now. I liked it at the time at 2.80, he’s now around 10.00. Part of the reason is that Trump’s been a total spanner in the works, but I still don’t think he can win it.

Most Popular Blog Post

Conclusion of a Short Story on Martingale was the most popular post of the year. It’s a good story that I enjoy telling. It’s funny how many supposedly intelligent people use this scheme and all end up with the same result.

Best Comment

The Best Comment of the year belong to “Jonny” who left the following comment on my NFL Week 4 post:

Holy shit that cheerleader is so fine


Jonny makes a accurate observation.

Best Search Term

In a preview I wrote about the Cavs Chicago Series in the Second round of the NBA playoffs, I sarcastically wrote:

The big news coming into this series is that Kevin Love is out for the playoffs with a dislocated shoulder. What a pussy!

As a result someone using the following search term on Google found their way here:


Hope you all have a Happy New Year, see you in 2016!

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