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2016 NFL Week 1 Picks

Well it’s finally here, the first NFL Sunday of the season.

I don’t start fully betting on the NFL till week 4 or 5, when there’s more information to go on. Betting in week 1 is tough, looking at the prior season , pre-season and market expectations for this season…or just sticking your finger in the air. I’ve got small ML bets on the following dogs: Bears, Dolphins & Patriots. With the Patriots the only one which has moved against me.

I’ve got to make 5 Supercontest picks, so here they are:

Atlanta Falcons-2.5

A home team the right side of a key number, when both teams are projected to win 7.5 games.

New York Jets +2.5

The Jets have since moved to +1. This is probably the pick I’m least happy with, it is the Jets after all!

Jacksonville Jaguars +5.5

Jags are projected to be decent this season, and are generally unfancied while everyone expects great things from Green Bay. The public are firmly on Green Bay, unsurprisingly, while sharps have bets the Jags to +4.5.

Chicago Bears +6

The only away team I’m on this week. I don’t think Houston are that much better than the Bears.

New Orleans -1.5

This game has the highest total of the weekend. So I’m going to side with Brees at home to cover these points.

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