2016 NFL Week 2 Picks


Trigger warning: this blogpost references the actual name of a professional football team in Washington. If “offensive” words on the Internet hurt your feelings, please find a safe space and sort your life out.  

Week 2 in the NFL is usually referred to as “overreaction week”. After the first game all the talking heads are quick to claim that one win proves that Team X has what it takes to reach the SuperBowl, or Team Y’s loss shows they are terrible and should sack their coach etc. Basically, more rubbish than usual is being spouted.

I’ve only backed Kansas & the Browns ML prior to kickoff. Last week I had more bets placed in play than prior to kickoff, so that will likely be the case again this Sunday.

Supercontest picks:

Seattle Seahawks -4.5

There’s wasn’t a betting line released for this game until late this week due to injury concerns over Russell Wilson. The Supercontest line released on Wednesday had the Seahawks -4.5. That line does not change. On Pinnacle it’s currently -7. I spoke about stale lines a few times last season. Taking Seahawks -4.5 is an easy pick to make. I’m sure that plenty of people in my league won’t make that pick, a couple may even choose the Rams. If it was late in the season and I was a few points off the top I would probably take the Rams from a game theory point of view. But in week 2 I’m playing it safe.

Cleveland Browns +6.5

Prior to Wednesday most bookies had the Browns at +7. I was hoping for that in the Supercontest. Unfortunately I’ve been done out of that important half point. Thanks LVH.

Last week I mentioned injuries can be overrated. RG3 isn’t that good, him being replaced by Josh McCown doesn’t make that much difference. I don’t think that the Ravens should be favoured by this many points. Although I am concerned that they kept Buffalo to only 160 yards of offence last week. Which is impressive despite it being against the Bills.

Kansas City Chiefs +3

Last season my final power rankings had the Chiefs ranked 4th overall, while the Texans were 15th. They were a far superior team last season and I would have expected the Chiefs to be clear favourites at Houston. This season they’re getting 3 points which is a big change so I’m going to oppose that.

Washington Redskins -2.5

“Did you just say “Redskins” instead of “Washington Football Team””?!!

I’m taking a home favourite. I don’t do that very often, as I think it’s the hardest spot to find value. However I think this is a good number and I have full confidence in Captain Kirk Cousins to guide them to victory…by more than 2.5 points.

San Francisco 49ers +3

Ok last and with the least conviction. I was going to go with the Jags +3 at San Diego… but I’ve gone for the 49ers +13.5 at Carolina. I’m just taking a punt on the 49ers not being as bad as the general betting public expects based on them beating the Rams 28-0 last week. Obviously the Rams are a bad team, I’m not sure how bad they are yet. But the 49ers comfortably beat them.

So are we to assume that the Rams are horrendous, the 49ers are better than them but still a bad enough team to justify being a 13.5 point underdog to Carolina?

I’m sceptical of that. 13.5 points is a lot, I’ll take it.

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